I don’t have much time and I want this out of the way.

X is my favorite artist ever. I’ve never got this attached to an artist.  He meant the world to me.  And I felt like I knew him even though I didn’t know him.  I don’t really care what anyone says you can’t change my mind no matter what. I loved him. He was the Goat and always will be.

RIP Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy…1998-2018

I will miss you forever. You helped me get through so much.ew 1Image result for xxxtentacionImage result for xxxtentacionImage result for xxxtentacion


Weird Lady At Avalon Asks Personal Questions *gets awkward*

So earlier today, I went to Detroit’s main Avalon Bakery.  I was talking to my mom and out of nowhere, this random old white lady comes over to my mom, and asks her, not me, if my hair was real.  Now at the time, I had bright pink box braids (and yes, they were extensions) so mom just told her that they are fake.  She just said “that makes sense”. Now if that wasn’t rude to come up to a stranger and ask if their hair was real…it gets worse.  Then she points at my chest and says, “now, are those real?”…What the hell lady!!!! Keep in my, we did not know this lady from anywhere. She wasn’t a member of our family, she wasn’t a friend of the family, we’ve never seen her anywhere, she just came up to me and asks ,me if my boobs are real.

And I’m only 13 1st of all.  She asked my mom these questions not me, which is one of my pet peeves, I mean, I can speak for myself.  And if asking a random stranger if their hair is real of fake isn’t rude enough, this lady was ’bout 60-75 years old.  And she asks a young teen if her boobs are real.  There is many things wrong with that.  So my mom just turned away without answering the question and we continue our conversation.

Oh, you thought that was all?  Nope.  Still gets worse.  Then she looks over my mom and says, “well they’re pretty neat”…And I didn’t know if she was talking about my boobs or my hair.  Which made me fell even more uncomfortable.  She just walked away.  I hope she knows most people consider that a type of harassment.

When we leave she says to my mom, “I hope you didn’t find that rude.”  HOW IS THAT NOT RUDE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN!

I knew there was a lot of weirdos that go to Avalon but I did not expect this.


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Watermelon And Basketball: Upland Hills High Ropes Experience

So, in Oxford MI, there is a private school called Upland Hills.  The 7th grade class from my school was the first school invited to do their ropes course.  Since it is a private school in the suburbs you know its gon’ be majority

If you didn’t know what a ropes course was, here’s an example:  Ours was 25 feet in the air.  You had to first, learn how to put on a harness and a helmet.  When you actually go up onto the ropes course, you have to climb up a ladder to get up. Up there there is like things that are similar to a jungle gym. n You had to swing across tires, walk tightropes, and do monkey bars.  But instead of metal, it was made of wood and ropes.

Anyway, so me and one of my friends I’ll call “Caleb” didn’t want to go on the ropes course so we sat back and watched as everyone else went.  We were just talking when all of a sudden, this group of ages 8-11 come out of the school.

We didn’t think much of it….AT FIRST.

Then, one of the white kids from the school came up to us and asked, “Do any of you guys play basketball?”  I replied no, while “Caleb” replied yes.  He went around asking all of the BLACK KIDS did they play basketball.  And “Caleb” noticed this too.  I started joking around with “Caleb” and saying, “watch they gon’ bring out some fried chicken or somethin’ since we black.”

Next thing you know, two little white girls come up to us holding a bowl of watermelon and say, “Hey you guys want some watermelon?”

At that point i was trying not to laugh or get mad.  I was DEAD.  What the Hell?  I’m pretty sure the teacher that sent them know what the hell she was doing when she sent them out.  And the thing is, most of the white kids wasn’t even eating the watermelon.  It was for US.

I was pretty pissed. And now everyday if I see “Caleb” in the hall or in class, we’re constantly saying, “Hey want some watermelon?” to each and we both bust out laughing.

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I’m Back!


I think… Well, Hi!  I haven’t been able to access WordPress because I had no access to a computer and for the WordPress app, you need an IOS 10 or later (which I don’t have). So while I have the chance I’m going to write.  A couple of updates are:

  • I got into anime more so… That’s new!  My favorite is My Hero Academia, and my favorite character is Katsuki Bokugou.

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  • Next, I like trash rappers… Don’t take this the wrong way, let me explain.  I like a lot of new school rappers, and people judge me a lot for that.  Some of them are completely terrible people, and some have “no talent”, and some are both!  I let me be honest, I’m not talking to old people, all new rappers that cam out from 2010 to now are probably trash to them… but I honestly don’t care. Let me listen to who I want to please and thank you (Except for 6ix9ine he get on my damn nervers too lol).


  • Have any questons?  Ask me.  I love answering questions so please ask away!  Thanks for reading!

Music I Like To Listen To

I love music!  Music one of the only thins that can cheer me up in almost any circumstance.  Yesterday I was talking on the phone with my friend and he kept asking me about songs and music I like so, I figured I would blog about it (Plus,  haven’t blogged I like 2 months…)

  1. Lo Fi Hip Hop

Lo fi music makes me feel like this:


It is relaxing and I can listen to it while doing almost anything.  It just gives me good vibes. It also feels unique because it isn’t super popular like pop (which is short for popular).

If you are wondering who my favorite lo fi artist is, it’s Mounika.  My favorite albums by her are “Seagulls” and “How Are You?”

2. Trap, Rap, HipHop, R&B



I’m putting all of these in one because I don’t feel like having 3 different sections.  Anyway, I love rap.  I grew up on it.  I don’t care if it’s old school or new.  As a little kid, my dad used to play old school rap all the time (that’s probably where I got my cussing habit from).  It’s been the norm for black kids my whole life.

My favorite artist are Migos, Lil Pump (don’t judge me), Fetty Wap, 6ix9ine, Blac Yougsta, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Beyoncé (duh), D.R.A.M, the list is a lot longer but I’m tired of typing.




Pop music always has had a little place in my heart since I had that only listen to white people phase in the 3rd and 4th grade…Yeah apparently a lot of kids my age had that phase.  Don’t really have a comment about this one.  It’s just so basic B-.




Lyric Prank FAIL (Storytime)


I love lyric pranks.  They’re fun and sometimes they go just a little too far…Sometimes they fail completely.  Here’s my lyric prank story.

So yesterday night, I had a craving for pranks.  So why not a lyric prank because it’s so easy and all you need is a friend and a phone.  So my friend that I’m talking about loves lyric pranks too, and we were talking about the day I tried to prank him too so I don’t even know why I did this anyway…

I told him “I had to eat” so we could get off the phone, just so I could prank him.  I started a little conversation so he wouldn’t get it automatically.

So we’re talking and then I just blurt out “I have to tell you a secret”.

I start saying the lyrics to the songs, and after two lines, he says “stop lyric pranking me”.

And I could not believe it!  He got it so quick!

But y’all know I don’t give up that easily…

I keep saying more and I think he’s not there but then I see..”I stay up too late”

So he just started pranking me back…

So for the rest of the hour we just kept saying lyrics to songs and we just were actin’ stupid.


At least I tried…